Sunday, November 28, 2010

Young adult guidelines

Man.. I posted this to a list, but it got rejected because I didn't trim the post. Good lordy... because digital screen space is EXPENSIVE.. for goodness sakes. And rules are rules.... I understand that trimming can be in important politeness, but google trims for me.. so I guess it's not such a big issue for me. I don't know if I want to hang out with such nit picky people.

What I'd said:

Just my opinion, and all, and to start with... I really don't like the label "young adult". I mean... exactly what is a young adult? Are we talking someone whose still a kid, but we'll call them adult to flatter them? Or are we talking about an adult who hasn't figured out how to file their own taxes yet? Does a person come with a cut off date?

"Oh, I'm so sorry, you've currently accumulated enough experience points that you no longer count as young. From this point forward, continued accumulation of points will be represented as 'life lines' and the color silver. Accumulation of additional points is non-negotiable, but you may be able to purchase avatar upgrades in the market place."  >.<

That being ranted about, I think that books aimed at persons with minimal life experience, who are doing their best to mimic independence while surviving all the stunts they're going to warn their kids about, I think those books should have realistic endings, kind of moralizing, while yet validating for the reader.

Real life, aside from death, is a continual story that doesn't usually end in HEA or HFN... it's all part of the stream.

I seriously don't think I could ever do a story where birth is assisted with teeth, however sharp or where some arrogant Harry Stew gets to throw around Zeus' lightening bolt. I think there is serious value in respecting where a person is along the time line of life. Even though I think the time line should be potentially infinite. I'm first in line for those telomere treatments when they come out!

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