Jewls the Lucky Stories
When Jewls was still a boy, right after he got his Bard mark and was allowed to leave the Guild Palace, Intense story.. I wrote it in 2005.


Wood Song
Historical, m/m, death fic

Misbegotten Lace, Chapter One
Historical, spoof, comedy, cross dressing

Edward's lover is murdered and he's accused..

Very short... 

London's Stories

London Heat
Paranormal, m/m, post WWI, in the early twenties in China, fantasy story

London Christmas
Same as above, London's first Christmas in the human world

Black's Medicine
Black and Dice have a moment of confession


Contemporary, short, lesbian

A cop and a barista with a history... it needs to be continued

They've been lovers... It may take a shift in dominance to cement the trust between them, to heal hearts

Finding Sin
ghost story

Simone Stories

Cake and Sex
contemporary, substance abuse issues, m/m


The House of Silver Oak

Don't go in the cellar. 
Cain's problems didn't get smaller in Iraq. 
Whiskey doesn't fix anything long enough. 
His last chance gets him a job as a caretaker for an old mansion. 
It comes with more ghosts than he had before.
Don't go in the cellar.
A hundred years before a triple homicide made the house notorious. 
Shelly Comstock-Gray is still the celebrated murder suspect.
Cain can't believe the smiling, cheerful ghost hurt anyone.
Mistakes can be deadly.
Don't go in the cellar. 

Valentine Stories
Now some Valentine stories are also sci-fi or historical, but they're all going to be paranormal.
A Blond American, Neat


Pet Related

Berth on Calista
Two men, descendants of Alix and a red head he loved once

A Storm Without Kisses
Hurt comfort, m/m

Lace and Chains
m/m, bdsm, master/slave, virgin