Thursday, April 2, 2009

Her Plunder 1

Her Plunder 1

by Nix Winter
copyright 2009
all rights reserved

Rating: Wildly, explicitly erotic.

“Do I look like a nice woman to you?” A pistol in either hand, her booted foot on the other captain’s chest, she smirked. “Give me the correct code.”

Captain Laura was tall, probably from Spacer heritage, with green eyes and hair the color of fire, dark at the roots, rising through reds to pales, to very blue at the tips. Curvy, with full breasts, a lean waist, and enough strength to get what she wanted, she usually didn’t have too much trouble getting what she wanted out of people, defeated captains or pissy docking clerks alike.

“I can’t!” He begged and it wasn’t even remotely sexy. “We only have one item in the cargo and its for the President of the New Earth Alliance! It’s just a pleasure slave!”

“Oh, um,” Laura growled, hardly impressed. “One stinking girl toy is worth the energy cells to swing out to Ocean Blue and back to Earth? Do you think I’m an idiot? I’m gonna rip your balls off. How much is your life worth, to you, personally? How much would you give to live for another few days? A free and comfortable person? Rather than me ripping your balls off and shoving you out the airlock? Bad way to die, going out an airlock. You can’t get way. Either you do what I say and live a little longer and maybe think your way out of this shit, or you die now and I sell your crew for spare parts.”

“You won’t!”

“I would. Give me the code.”

“There isn’t one,” he stammered. “We were supposed to be secret, so secure, and it’s just a pet! He was designed for the president, and he’s only got value to her.”

“Oh I don’t know, value’s a subjective thing.” Laura growled, letting the pressure off her prisoner. “Khan! Call the beat. If they’re breathing, leave’em that way!”

“Yes, Mistress,” a voice boomed.

Laura grabbed a handle on the large metal crate, dragging it along behind her. It floated with gentle anti-gravity suspension, cradling whatever was within it.

She imagined what might be in her prize container. She thought the person within must be a man, an adult, and her mind added curves and muscles to him. He’d have to be damn fine to be a gift for the president.

She was humming as she dragged her prize back into the shuttle. The rest of her boarding crew filtered in, carrying whatever booty they’d found, including one struggling medical officer with soft bouncy melons. Cory had her, one arm around her waist, a hand massaging one full tit. She squealed, struggling, her short skirt rising up soft thighs as she fought.

Khan, Laura’s second in command, sealed the door and let the shuttle fall way into the dark black of space as their cloaking came on.

Laura glared at Cory, who shrugged. “We needed a doctor. You should stick your fingers up there! She’s pretty hot!”

“You don’t say,” Laura said dryly, but she was holstering her pistols to close on the squirming doctor. “Now now, woman, what’s your name?”

“Constance!” she whimpered as Laura moved in close, tits to tits. “Earth Corp pressed me into duty to pay my student loans! I didn’t want to!”

“Don’t worry, Baby,” Laura purred. “You be good to us, and we’ll let you off on the next world you wanna go to. You’re free. But ain’t no reason you can’t have some fun while you’re with us, now is there?”

“No, no! Please! I’m a virgin!” Constance cried, trying to close her legs as Laura’s hand slipped between them, up under the short white skirt she wore to find dripping panties. Strong fingers slipped past those dripping cotton panties.

“Hold our little virgin, Cory,” Laura commanded, her thumb slipping through warm silk to pass over the little captive’s clip, the sweet swollen pearl. Constance was a lovely woman, long silky black hair and dark eyes, thick lashes that fluttered, soft full lips, that parted and moaned as Larua continued to stroke her swollen clit. Cory held her gently, massaging her tits, pulling them free of the little white uniform.

Arms pinned to her sides, Laura whimpered, her belly tightening with excitement, pleasure that she’d only felt when she touched herself.

Nar, a powerfully built man with dark skin and pale blue eyes, took the captive’s nipple into his mouth, sucking aggressively, swirling his tongue around her pink little nipple, so defenseless against his hunger.

“No! Please, oh, no!” Constance cried out, body tightening as she came, fluid soaking over the pirate captain’s deft fingers. “Please!”

“Yes, yes,” Laura replied, leaning closer to kiss Cory, reestablishing her dominance, her liberties as captain. After she broke the kiss, she kissed gently at her captive doctor’s tears. “Don’t worry, little bird. We’re nicer than Earth Corp and heaps more fun!”

“You’ll really let me go?” Constance asked, before biting her lower lip.

“Sure, if you want,” Laura said.

“New ID,” Cory whispered in his ear, “Your share of everything we take between here and where ever.”

“Don’t.... rape me,” she begged.

“We’re not going to hurt you,” Khan said, spinning the command chair around. “If you want to be a complete tight ass, you can keep to yourself. What’s the point of that?”

“You’re pirates! You’ve kidnapped me!”

Captain Laura smirked. “Yeah. We’re bad people. You’ll be lucky to get out alive.”


  1. I like! What a fun break from work today...LOL! Even if it is hard to explain the blush.

    Can't wait to read more!