Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jaime Samms Guest Blogs! Watching Flowers

Watching Flowers
by Jaime Samms
copyright 2009
all rights reserved

Jaime's site is:   I think she's an awesome writer!

"Deaglan." Ailill's whisper carried from the bed to the hallway, and Quinlan stopped, turning back the way he'd come to listen. "Where's Quin?"

"Garden," Deaglan mumbled. "Always in the garden, making things grow, making a lovely hidden garden of delights for us." The rustle of sheets accompanied a grunted half-complaint from Deaglan and then Ailill giggled.

"You awake?"

"No." A long, low groan emanated from Deaglan. "Ailill...ohhh."


"Don't stop."

Quinlan could see them, now, from where he stood just outside the bedroom door.  One of Deaglan's long legs hung over the edge of the bed. The other knee rose up above Ailill's hunched form where he knelt between Deaglan's legs. Acres of soft brown hair spread over and around them, and Ailill's, pale bare ass showed as he plied Deaglan with his mouth. Quinlan watched with a little bit of envy as Deaglan trailed lazy fingers through the long, luscious hair, something Quinlan hadn't yet been invited to do.

"You're very good at that," Deaglan murmured.

Ailill's head came up and he grinned. "I know. I get to practice a lot on Quinlan."

"Oh, I know." Deaglan sat up and cupped Ailill's chin, leaning close for a deep, tongue-filled kiss. "I watched you yesterday, on your knees in the garden with your mouth stretched around his cock. He didn't even have time to get his jeans off. Just his dick and his ass hanging out."

Ailill shrugged. "I wanted him. What can I say? Didn't know you were watching, though, or I would have put on more of a show."

A sly smile, and Deaglan kissed him again, light, predatory. "Oh, it was a show, all right. You made him weak in the knees. Talented and pretty while you do it. Can't ask for much more than that."

Inside, Quinlan wibbled a little, watching that kiss, almost, wishing he was there to encourage it, but not wanting to interrupt, either.  Excitement rose in his jeans, thinking of Deaglan watching Ailill suck him off, though, and he palmed himself through his pants.

 Little spots of pink appeared on Ailill's cheeks, turning his innocent look devilish. "Lemme finnish you now?"

"Nope." Deaglan sat up straighter and propped himself against the headboard. "Come sit in my lap." He tapped his thigh, reached to the bedside table and pulled lube from the drawer. "I want to fuck you."

He handed Ailill the lube after squeezing a bit into his palm, and Ailill coated his fingers. Heat cascaded through Quinlan at the sight of Deaglan stroking lube over his own cock, and Ailill slicking and stretching himself to receive, their gazes locked, bodies taught straining toward each other.

"Ready?" Deaglan ran his clean hand up Ailill's stomach, lingering over his nipples and drawing Ailill closer with the touch.

 Rising on his knees, Ailill still didn't look away from Deaglan, and Quinlan read so much love and desire in his face it made his heart ache. Then Ailill was sinking back down, bliss rising in his expression as flush rose up his skin to turn his cheeks pink. Deaglan's eyes fluttered closed as Ailill encompassed him, and the next few minutes were filled only with the sound of the bed rocking, and their breathing, drawn and released together, as though they were one being.

It was possibly the most beautiful sight Quinlan had ever seen, watching them together, knowing even before it happened they would come in unison, voices and names mingling, just like they did so many other things, perfectly in synch, probably without even realizing it.

He'd gone far past arousal himself, to aching, but couldn't bring himself to get off on their lovemaking. It was too precious. He backed away, down the hallway, lingering just a little as Ailill bent to kiss Deaglan with tender care, and Deaglan's hands drifted up through tangles of hair over his arms to encircle him and hold him close.

He went out the back door to the garden and settled in the sunshine and warmth and sweet thoughts of his lovers enjoying each other.

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