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Interview with Jon Michaelsen!

 Nix: I love your prose! You inspire me to fan fiction even.  I really admire and enjoy the murder mystery genre, but I'm afraid to write it because I don't like killing characters, even those marked for death, off. What brought you to a story where there's a murder to be solved?

Jon: I have always been intrigued with mystery.  Even as a kid, I would watch Perry Mason, Fugative, Mod Squad, etc. I loved trying to solve the crime before viewers were told "whod dunnit".  Reading as a child, my favorite books were mysteries.  Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew and the like.  I loved the cartoon Scooby-Doo just because of the mysteries that  unfolded each week on the Saturday morning episode.  Hence, I've always wanted to write in the mystery genre, but more in line with thriller/suspense.

Nix: OH yes! I loved all those too. What do you think is the most essential element of building and sustaining suspense? Any tricks you have for pulling off a very satisfying ending?

Jon: Um...thinking a bit.  I like stories that allow me, the reader, to walk in the shoes of the protagonist, to discover new clues along the way and piece them together, adding to the suspense. In my writing, I like to set the tone where the reader is aware of potential danger - that alone sets the tone for suspense.  I prefer complicated plots, which also helps to enhance the suspense and (I hope) make for a suspenseful read.  As for endings, I tend to lean toward twisty ending where my readers are unaware until it's on top of them.  I've succeeded only when my readers feel they didn't see the end coming.

Nix:  In a perfect world, not that such a world is possible, but if all things come out as well as possible, where would you like to see yourself and your books in five years? Ten years? Do you want to be on the New York Times Best Seller List?

Man, you don't hold any punches do you?  In five years, I would like to see my gay Atlanta homicide cop series with Det. Sgt. Kendall Parker, published and be on the second or third book. In ten years, I hope I have a legion of fans waiting to read the next installment of the Kendal Parker thriller/suspense novel series.  I do not care if I ever make the NYD Times Best Seller List.  I'm more interested in writing, getting published and sharing my joy of story-telling.

Nix: What's the point of pulling punches? I'm interviewing a great writer who has great things to say! :)  Can you share with us about your writing process? Do you draft a story and go over it a lot? Does it all come out in one fluid flutter of dreaming?  Can you tell us about Kendall?

Jon: Well, thank you. I've very humbled, thank you. As far as a writing process; yes, yes and  yes.  Depending on the story I'm working on, I may draft and outline and review it over and over, like when I'm writing a tightly plotted mystery.  When writing erotic romance, I tend to write at a fast pace, in one fluid flutter of mad typing.  Kendall? On, man, I can talk about Kendall Parker forever!  He's six-foot-four, athletic, muscular, with dark curly hair and blue eyes.  Parker is a seasoned homicide detective in the Atlanta Police Department with a secret that could get him fired.  He's gay and closeted.  His mother drank herself to death his senior year and he never knew his father.  In the first book titled, "Pretty Boy Dead", Parker returns to his job after a forced vacation only to catch a case of a high profile murder involving a gay male stripper.  He fights departmental bigotry and public apathy in efforts to solve the crime, all while discovering the man inside.

Nix: That's such an intense story. What year is the story set in? I hate to think that being Gay in Atlanta could get one fired. Here in Washington, in the last election, our voters passed law that gives gay people the right to everything except the word marriage. Prejudice is an ugly, ugly behavior. 

What do you think the most hopeful thing to happen in our country was this year? What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

Jon: Pretty Boy Dead is current and yes, bigotry and discrimination is alive and well in this city, unfortunately. 
The most hopeful thing to happen to our country this year?  Wow, that's a tough one because, frankly, I think it's been a tough year for this country with the poor economy and job losses.  My family has been personally impacted, as I'm sure most of us.  I guess I'd have to say that I believe we've hit the worst of it and things are beginning to improve.
The best thing that has happened to me is that the awful bout of writer's block I've suffered for over a year has finally lifted!  I'm writing again at a furious pace.

Nix - That sounds very exciting! I'm so glad you could join me for this interview! As we get ready to wrap it up for now, is there anything else you'd like to tell your readers? If you could give your readers only one message in a bottle, what would that message be?

Jon - I like hearing from my readers, so please shout out via my website at
I'd also let everyone know that my upcoming release, The Prince Of The Sea, which should be out this spring.  The story is about a guy who feels the passion in his ten year relationship has waned.  He's planned a two week vacation to the east coast, a small island off the coast of Georgia known as Tybee.  Arriving early, expecting his partner to join him soon after, Jonathan is brokenhearted when Paul decides taking on a new high-profile client in Chicago is more important than rekindling their romance. Dejected and lonely, Jonathan sets out to spend a few days alone on the beach until a chance meeting with a mysterious, incredibly handsome man with olive skin and large green eyes offers possibilities too enticing to ignore.  Soon, Jonathan is swept into the crosshairs of an ancient island myth....or, is it? The Prince Of The Sea is a paranormal tale about unrequited love, ancient lore and an island's mystery that someone is determined to expose.
Thanks again, Nix.  Let me know if you need anything else!

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