Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wild Rose Press

The Wild Rose Press is a winner today!
I told Rhonda that I'd tell everyone what a very cool thing she's done!
I applaud them for their willingness to accept people, to be gentle to all people. 
When I game across their guidelines today... 
I wasn't nearly as happy.
Now they can publish anything they want. Publishing to a targeted audience is wise business practice. 
But the way the guidelines were was roughly:
No rape
No bestiality
No pedophilia 
No Homosexuality
I wrote the owner and said that was a lot like:
No rape
No bestiality
No pedophilia
No freckles
I told her that as a queer person, I was offended to be put into a group that was violent and harmful.
I asked her to change her guideline phrasing.
So Congratulations to The Wild Rose Press!
The new Guidelines:
Please note the following Special Submission Requirements which are for all lines in the company:

We publish stories between a man and a woman - (we do not, at this time, take submissions with homosexual romance).
Hero and Heroine should not be already married to one another except in certain circumstances such as marriage of convenience.
Heroine and Hero can not be married to other people when they begin their relationship (no adultry).
Although we do accept stories containing explicit sex in most of our lines, it must occur between consenting adults.
Please note - we will not review or publish stories with any of the following elements.
No depraved or illegal acts
No bestiality
No degradation of women (rape)
No pedophilia (no sex involving underage characters)
That being said... they're looking for stories! 
Check them out! 
They have nice covers and a smart owner!

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