Monday, December 21, 2009

A Great Review for Muse's Vacation

I did the cover for this one :) It's a very sweet and loving Christmas story.

Patrick is pretty new to the idea of having a Dom. When Leo gets trapped in that endless cycle of word-lock, and the inspiration just doesn't come for his writer Dom, Patrick decides discretion is better than taking his needs and frustration to Leo and asking for what he wants. Leo is not pleased to find his sub trying to satisfy his own desires, but even giving Pat what he needs doesn't break through the block, and Patrick knows drastic measures are in order. He has to drag Leo half way around the world before the writer realizes it's time to put his muse, and his sub, in their places

Check out what Dark Diva Dakota had to say about Muse's Vacation: "Ms. Samms has brought us another tale which strikes home even if you’re not gay."

She liked it enough to give it five Divas and a recommended read!

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