Sunday, December 20, 2009

Health Care

The Senate passed the health care reform tonight.  Just a couple more huge tasks and maybe I'll have health care. If I had lots of money, I could go buy whatever health care I wanted tomorrow, but I am neither smart enough nor conventional enough to be able to have either made my millions already or hold a job that would give me health care.

I think the divide on this debate really comes down to if one trusts the government or if one trusts big business. Make no mistake, insurance companies are big business. They exist to make a profit, not to make sure you're healthy.  They can take your health care away when they want, charge more when the want, and they don't really care if you die or not. If they did, they'd be putting a very lot of profit at risk.  Now let's see..what do we call people who put other people's lives at risk for profit... ~thinks~ Oh yes, pirates!

Now I know the government isn't perfect, but if we don't like the government, we can protest, we can vote, we can impeach. If we don't like what big business does, we can go home and cry.  Sure, you can sue, but money influences that a lot too.

I believe the health care bill will do what the President says that it will. I want to live. I want to have good health. I want you to as well.

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