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A Berth on Calista

A Berth on Calista
A Story Set in The Pet World

by Nix Winter
all rights reserved
copyright 2010 @ Nix Winter

The Naruto stretched out on the landing pad, the evening sun lazing warmly over her silver skin. She was a teardrop class ship, named both for shape and for the fact that her build made her ideal for single Human families. The Spacer community had long recognized that Humans were as likely to divorce as they were to bond. 

Nein had her because she was fast and cheap on fuel, and because he'd salvaged her when he was seventeen. Free and functional spaceships are kind of rare.

He sat on his entry way steps, a cigarette in one hand, sunglasses covering his closed eyes. The recession had made cargo and passengers pretty rare too. He had a berth paid on Calista for another month, but then he'd be breathing recycled air and taking vitamin D supplements.

There were other options, but he wasn't much to bend his will in ways it didn't want to go. He had naturally blue hair, pale as an early spring sky, sapphire colored eyes. His looks and rumored ancestry would have gotten him a place in one of the health centers, but he couldn't think of anything more boring than sucking cock he didn't want to suck and smiling and simpering about how delicious it was. He'd suck cock, but on his own terms.

In the mean time, he was quite comfortable soaking in all the vitamin D he could and while he was at that, he'd use his calories as efficiently as possible. And so it was that he was napping with a slow burning rose scented cigarette hanging from his fingers when work walked up and studied him.

Work, in this case, was a red headed man with demanding violet eyes and a hand truck of luggage. He wore tight black pants, boots, a trench coat of twilight. Long red hair hung freely down his back. He had perfectly smooth and creamy skin, obviously enhanced, probably an indicator of pet genes. His lips had a little too much curve to be strongly masculine. Colored red, with a black 'geisha' line down the center, it wasn't like he was making much effort to stay within masculine norms. He stood there quietly for a minute, maybe two, waiting for Nein to acknowledge him.

"Excuse me," he said finally. His voice was very male, but fluid, languid, disregarding the rules of gender and expectation. "I'm not interrupting any chemical recreation, am I?"

Nein jumped like a suddenly wet cat, only barely keeping his cigarette in his hand as he went over the railing and glared at the sudden source of Human interaction. "No. No, I don't do that shit, often. Are you looking for passage?"

The man's hips cocked to the side a little and his smile sent trepidation down Nein's spine. "Yes, actually, if it's not too much trouble. I need to go to Sebastian City. I will want passage there and return passage."

With his thumb, rose scented smoke curling lazily around his face, Nein pulled his sunglasses down and studied his prospective passenger. He knew this guy... couldn't remember his name, but he was some big shot. Nein leaned forward just a little, lips twisting in thought. "I think I voted for you. Aren't you like... the mayor or something?"

How a smile could give a person such a feeling of being prey, Nein didn't know, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, just unfamiliar, did stuff to his biological processes that he wasn't real keen on sharing with the establishment, as it were.

"Yes. I'm Rose Kline, mayor of Calista. I'm so glad you voted for me, Nein San.  Does that mean I get a discount?"

"Uh," Nein said, switching his cigarette off and shoving it into his pocket. He pushed his sun glasses back up though, hiding his eyes. "Don't you got city transport for shit like this?"

"This trip is personal. Do you want the work or not, Nein San?"

"I want the work," Nein said, wishing he'd been a little less eager, but he named a price that accounted for the fact that this was a personal trip, and therefore a  little on the quiet side.  His price would cover six months of vitamin D and cigarette cartridges.

Rose might have licked the edge of his upper lip when he smiled in agreement. Nein wasn't sure about that though. "Stow my luggage in a way that is accessible from the interior."

"We're leaving now?"

Already half way up the stairs, he leaned a bit towards Nein. The elegant man smelled spicy, sweet, unique, not like anything that Nein had ever smelled before and that scent seemed to imprint itself into his brain, doing hard things to his biological processes. "Unless you have other plans? You don't have a date, do you?"

He pulled off his sunglasses, his stomach fluttering as he looked right into those violet eyes. Mouth suddenly dry, he shook his head, "No, now's good."


There. Nein was sure he saw the mayor lick the edge of his lip. He was twenty-five now, no randy little teenager, but that movement flashed images into his head.  He wanted that pretty red curvy mouth around his cock, hot and wet and about then his head felt so light he might just have floated away. He took a step back, hands behind his back. "I'll just get the luggage in then, okay?"

"Splendid." Rose disappeared into Nein's home with a swish of thick twilight silk.

That hand truck of luggage had fifteen cases and they weren't gravity offset either.  Rose had taken Nein's favorite chair and he sat in it with an air of ownership, comfort that Nein had never felt outside his own space, let alone tucked up in someone else's space. Long red hair flowed of his shoulders, pooled in his lap, hiding his lap, and for a second Nein wondered if the rich man's biological processes were being fucked with hard too.  It just wasn't possible. Someone like Rose Kline wasn't wanting to share heat with someone like Nein with no family name.

He set the last case down. A trickle of sweat ran down his back. Rose blinked right at him, very suggestive, and right at him. It wasn't like there was someone else standing right behind him or something. Nein almost tripped over the stack of cases and he hadn't even been moving. He coughed, trying to get his lungs working again. He'd imagined it. 'Yeah. Sitting out in the sun too long. Maybe you could get vitamin D poisoning.' He'd have to look up the symptoms.

Trying to be professional, he went about securing the cases, closing up the hatch, running through his systems checks. 'He's not watching me... he's not watching me.'

Except, he was.

Nein peeled off his shirt, used it to wipe away some of the sweat, more than there oughta have been from just moving those cases. Nervous.

Lean body, lined stomach, Nein ran a hand through his hair, ruffling it. The softer light inside the ship gave nuance and shade to his hair that the straight up sun could flatten into highlights. He was blues and hard, conservative lines. Calories weren't cheap. He threw his shirt into a bin, stepped into the control cylinder and tried to ignore that Rose Kline was watching him as he slipped his arms into the body sheaths of the ship. Energy flowed of him, dancing like faint golden fairies. His body and the ship synced up, one the avatar of the other.  It was normal for his cock to respond, hard, balls tight. A teardrop was a very personal ship.

He stretched his arms out. 'Just going to Sebastian City.' The wings of the ship unfurled, stretching out. She lifted off her platform. Nein let his head fall back as the ship's nose lifted. Just so easy, they were up, rising towards the upper atmosphere.

"I understand," Rose said, from where he sat, "That orgasm while bonded with your ship is a very intense experience."
"Won't know," Nein whispered, wishing like fuck he'd remembered to close the privacy shield.

"That's a shame. You're a beautiful man, Nein."

"Yeah, won't know that either." He strained, shoulders and arms moving with the ship's climb. "I don't.. uh, yeah, uh, I don't .. with other people, you know."

"Really?" Rose's voice was so close, his breath cool against Nein's energy heated skin. "I've been studying you, Nein."

"Don't touch me," Nein gasped. He held his breath for a moment, then whispered, "Not until we break gravity and have the shot set. Fall."

Rose didn't touch him, but his finger tips were so close that Nein could feel their life, heat. "I was rather hoping you might fall. I've been studying you. You're brave and honest, kind and creative. You're the sexiest man in the Four Quarters. I know you just met me, but I'm a cautious man. I have to be able to predict the most likely outcome within 98% before I can take a chance this big."

The Naruto broke through the clouds, great silver wings spread wide like a powerful bird.  She rolled gently and laid into the trajectory to Sebastian City.

Inside her, Nein's body shivered, eyes opening as the avatar link weakened. "What are you looking for?"

"You," Rose said, both hands caressing over Nein's face, thumbs tracing over his cheeks. His lips were soft as they brushed over Nein's and while his connection to the ship's computer told him that Rose's lips were cooler in temperature by two degrees than his own, they felt hot. Demanding fingers combed into his hair and he submitted to the kiss by instinct that he'd never owned up to before.

Rose's hair lifted and tangled around Nein's body, dancing with the energy still skittering over the surface of taunt skin. "Let me love you, here to Sebastian City. If we still want each other when we get back to Calista, we can talk contract."

"But I don't even know you!"

"I know you. We are life long compatible. I am what you long for. Try me and see."

"But I'm not good with people! You're the gob smack mayor and I'm not good with people!" Nein shifted, struggling against the oh too intelligent tendrils of hair as they undid the fastenings on his pants.  He didn't want to let loose his connection to the ship. This could all be a glitch dream. That was the other thing the AI in a teardrop could do and it was probably how the previous owner had died, leaving his ship to be salvaged by a little no name nothing.

"I'm not asking you to be good with people, only good to me."  When Nein's pants opened, it wasn't hair tricked out with questionably legal AI, but Rose's own hands, sliding down Nein's bare hips. "Once upon a time there was a city that made making beautiful humans into an art. That city fell in the war and all the creations won their freedom, scattering to the far reaches of the galaxy."

"I'm not a sodding pet, you pervert!"

"No. You're the child of a child of a child of a pet, going back who knows how many generations, but there were two pets, back so far in history. One with blue hair, one with red, and they were literally made for each other. Our family lines, they wind back through the chaos of Humanity, but I am genetically the red and you are the blue."

"I got blue hair. That ain't so unusual! People been having red hair and blue hair all the way back to Old Earth. I seen the history vids."

"Not natural blue hair. Not red like roses. So you don't want my mouth on your cock then?"

Nein's cock, thick and smooth was a bridge between them, innocent in it's pure desire for touch and heat. "Fuck! Of course I want your mouth on my cock! Hell! I want my cock in your ass! That don't mean we have genetics that make us destined for each other. What a load of crap!"

"Maybe," Rose purred, bending to trace his tongue over Nein's cock, slowly, over the curve at the top, down the length, pressing slightly against the vein.

An uncontrolled cry broke from Nein's lips, filling the cabin with moan, a begging long cry. He broke the connection with the ship, hands reaching down to take hold of Rose's head. Not a dream! Their movements flowed easy, Nein finding the heat of Rose's mouth as easily as if he'd been there a thousand times. All the way in, deep, hot, tight an he screamed, fingers tightening in long red hair. That hair embraced him twining around him, around his legs, pulling them slightly apart as Rose gently cupped Nein's balls.

Nien shook, shivered, his body overwhelmed by the last of the ship connection, the pure human touch, the ravaging attraction he felt to Rose. He wasn't sure when or if he came, or if this explosion of euphoria and pleasure that shook him was some bit of ship dream that he wasn't sure he'd mind dying in.

He felt Rose lift him, carrying him. His pants fell away. Rose must have unfastened his boots because they'd fallen away even before he'd realized his pants were gone. With a hungry moan he wrapped his arms around Rose's neck holding tightly to him. "What are you doing? What was that?"

"That was an orgasm, I think. Tasted like cum to me," Rose whispered, kissing Nein's hair, his ear. "We should try it again, see if it feels as good the second time."

"My bed."

"Yes. I feel such a powerful and overwhelming sense of love for you." Rose set Nein down on the narrow bed, knelt beside him and kissed one pink nipple.

"You just met me. Fuck. This is crazy."

"Love is an emotion. It arrises from biological processes and you are the biological process I crave. Love doesn't have to have logic's permission."

Nein grabbed at his chest, as if he could catch the feeling, hold it up and examine it. "Is that what this is? Love? That when you touch me I feel such joy? That I want to know you like I could drink you down? I forget the edges of who I am when I look into your eyes."

"Yes," Rose said softly. "I'm going to tie you up and fuck you. Will that be okay with you?"


Rose rose, slipping out of his coat as he moved. "I'll be right back. Have you ever been sodomized before?"

"No," Nein said, feeling naked by the formal word. His cock was still hard and now his ass entrance tingled. He licked his lips. "You?"

"Yes." Rose let his coat fall, and peeled his shirt off over his head. He was as lean as Nein, but smoother, less defined. "Our state of excitement is so high, I don't think it will hurt much when I first take you."

"Don't care if it does," Nein admitted. He reached down and grabbed up Rose's shirt. He buried his face in the cloth. "You smell so good. I thought so too when you first came aboard."

"I love how you smell, how you taste. Stay right here." 

There was rummaging around in the cases, but very quickly Rose returned naked, with a mag clamp, some silk cuffs and a strap made out of the same material that his coat had been, and a slender golden bottle. He set the toys down on the bed, all except for the mag clamp.  The clamp he affixed to the metal wall at the head of Nein's bed. "Put your arms over your head."

"You don't have to tie me up. I'm not going to fight or change my mind," Nein said, almost pouty.

"I don't have to, but we both want to. Do it." Rose commanded.

Nein did. His arms felt slender then, though he knew they were plenty strong, but as Rose cuffed him, he felt delicate, beautiful, desirable, and so hard his cock threatened a sensation close to pain. "I want you," he moaned.

"I want you too," Rose reassured him as he put the strap around Nein's knees. "And now I have you. My god, you're so beautiful like that. Nothing I've ever seen has been as beautiful as your body bound for me. I ache for you!"

Nein arched up as Rose drew his fingers along the length of his body. "Fuck me then? Fuck me now."

"Roll onto your side."

Rose opened the bottle. The scent of jasmine filled the small bedroom. He spilled the oil a little in his eagerness. Drops rolled slowly over Nein's waist. Rose's fingers pulled that little trickle of oil over, down between the valley of Nein's cheeks, seeking the secret treasure. "Relax. I'm going to put my fingers into you."

Nein bit his lip, expecting it to hurt, but the first small penetration just... felt strange, intimate, so very, very intimate. Then one finger became two and Rose lay down behind his space ship captain. "It should be more than that, but I think.. .god, I'm not reasonable, but I want you now."

"Please," Nein begged, body trembling with anticipation and maybe just the slightest bit of fear.

Rose slicked up his own cock, then hand still slick reached around and stroked Nein's. Nein cried out, arching back towards his politician. "AAahhhh!"

"You're mine," Rose growled, sliding home. His cock spread Nein, dilated tight muscle, filled the hot sheath, possessed and owned Nein utterly. Nien cried at the burning stretch of it, confused by the roaring need for more of the burning pain, the sweet caresses deeper, the stroking of his cock, and he fell back into that glorious place where he didn't know if he were orgasming or floating.  Strong arms held him.

They moved together on a trajectory that had been laid in maybe from the first moment that Rose had become aware of the little blue haired pilot. Their passions rose, breathed, entwined, penetrated, and Nien screamed again as he came, this time sure that the white bright peak was indeed orgasm.

Sometime later, still bound and held in Rose's arms, he woke. His movements brought small kisses, tender and loving.

"How are you?"

"I'm fucking amazing," Nein said, joyful, sated, confused in all delicious ways.

"Yes, you are," Rose agreed.

"I didn't mean it that way." Nien blushed.

"I know. Hungry?"

"Shit yes."

"I have dinner and a hotel reservation for us at the Mahogany. We can discuss contract terms."

"How far in advance do you plan your life?"

Rose kissed his shoulder again, licked a little. "Far enough."

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  1. Oh Nix... wow, sexy as all get out and sweet at the same time. And I like the rather bare-bones telling of Nein and Rose.

    So, any more to be heard of these two? You know, like this is but a teaser? *grin*

    Very nice Nix, but then of course it is.