Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sai's first attraction

Note: To those of you who aren't following Naruto.. Sai is 17... I had to look it up as I thought he was about 20.  In my imagination he's 20. Naruto is a shonen story, fighting, personal growth, community, and such. The object of Sai's imagination in this snip is a slightly older ninja on his team. Yamato is 26. Both of them had crazy childhoods. Sai was trained to suppress all emotion, but he's been working on Yamato's team and way from The Foundation.  His rising attraction comes as a surprise to him.

Anyway, my mind runs away with the fan fic and art these days. I promise to get you something decent up sometime really soon!
Sai's Surprise
by Nix Winter

I do not own Naruto. Naruto was written by Masashi Kishimoto.

The trees sheltered him.
This was safety.
The pencil moved -
more soul than it was wood and lead.
Hundreds of Narutos jostled, glowed with effort, then with darker lines in the center of the paper Yamato.

Sai blinked. Unconciously he licked his lwoer lip. He turned to a newvpage and tried to clear his mind. The next page darkened into Yamato again, closer up, dark eyes, the shape of his lips. The Narutos were fainter, smaller. The pencil lingered over Yamato's eyes, the shades, the shadows, as if Sai could feel the very edges of other man's soul by coaxing his form onto the paper.

Staring at his drawing, his stomach tightened, fluttered. Without looking at his art kit, he traded pencil for white ink to lay highlights into Yamato's eyes.

Sexual attraction.

A hunger that came from no where - offering no means to satiation.

The Foundation had frowned on auto-erotic self gratification.

Anonymity and shadows offered sanctuary.  A hand slipped under his sketch pad, the heel rocking against neglected hardness, against soft black cloth.

Emotions did not always lead to hate.

This was a different kind of emotion. Pleasure tightened through him. Shivers breathed across his shoulders.


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