Tuesday, April 13, 2010

epub format

Okay... let's start with the idea that I'm not completely stupid or ignorant. 

Epub format... when it has to get validate... is really hard. None of the avaliable converters work. Word processors don't save as epub... and breaking one down and seeing what's in it... and trying to put it all back together again... humpty dumpty much!

Both Sigil and Calibre are easy to use... Calibre creates lovely files from PDFS, and itunes sees the cover art. It fails to validate no matter what you do to it. Sigil is more open and you can get in and edit things, great! It'll create a file that'll validate. But you get brown paper cover art, unless you're a freaking genius and use the work around.

So now I'm hungry... kinda shaking.. maybe I should get around to that eating thing... and very frustrated.

So if you're one of the brilliant people who thought up epub... Maybe you could think about people who don't write their notes in xml or mimetype or something strange and foreign.... we want to use the new standard too.

Stimulating the economy by making jobs for computer programmers is nice, except when it shuts me out of what I really wish I'd gotten done today.

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